Things are never as bad as they could be.

Things are never as bad as they could be. The absurd audio world of Tom Heithoff

The characters in Tom Heithoff’s audio dramas are often men on the brink of a nervous breakdown which in turn threatens more far-reaching consequences.
They are fugitives: stubborn outsiders on the run or people who have slipped through the cracks. Between escapism and disorientation, language often falls away as a usable means of communication. The stories are built on fragments of text, within which statements and responses drive language and its potential for mutual understanding into the absurd.
The award-winning plays of Tom Heithoff walk the boundary between absurd comedy and earnest realism.

Germany 2010, 21 min.
English subtitles: Wade Adams
Typography: Jane Katharina di Renzo
Score: Tom Heithoff, Thomas Schumacher
Sound Assistance France: Juliette Heithoff
Script, shot, edited: Thomas Schumacher